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Benefits of Biking

7 Apr

I recently wrote an article on Birmingham Recycled about the up and coming Bike Week. This is an annual event that will be held this June, nationwide, to encourage people to get cycling. It got me thinking about the benefits of cycling, for the individual person, and the world around them.

A healthier mode of transport

  • According to the British Heart Foundation, cycling at least 20 miles per week reduces your risk of coronary heart disease by half of that of non-cyclers.

  • According to the National forum for Coronary Heart Disease, regular cycling have a fitness level of that to a person ten years younger than them.

  • Bike For All offers a Calorie Calculator to help you calculate how many calories you burn, by cycling and through other sports, using your weight and BMI.


Credit-crunching cycling

  • A good bike can last decades – and needs a lot less maintenance that a car.

  • Bikes require no tax, no insurance, no licence and, most importantly no fuel bills!

  • Cycling is one of the only free ways to travel; save yourself money on car fuel and bills, or on public transport.


A greener way of travelling

  • Making a bicycle requires only a tiny amount of the materials and energy required to make a motor vehicle.

  • Cycling produces no direct pollution!

  • This means pollutants in the air are reduced, which is better for people’s health. It also helps protect green areas from the adverse effects of pollution.

  • They take up less space too – about twenty bicycles can be parked in the same amount of space as one car.

  • Carbon Neutral offers a calculator which allows you to work out how much C02 emissions your car produces – now compare that to a bicycle, which produces none at all!


So, with so many advantages to cycling, I think as many people as possible should take part in the Bike Week event. I took up cycling for about three months last year over summer (where I am living now I have no room to keep a bike) and in that time I lost about a stone without dieting, and I was helping the environment! And if I can do it, there’s no reason why other people can’t too. 🙂